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Autori: Košćec, Adrijana; Radošević-Vidaček, Biserka
Naslov: Circadian components in Energy and Tension and their relation to physiological activation and performance
Izvornik: Chronobiology International (0742-0528) 21 (2004), 4-5; 673-690
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: subjective activation; temperature; electrodermal lability; vigilance task
The purpose of the study was to examine validity of R. Thayer's activation model regarding 24-hour variations of two subjective dimensions of activation (Energy and Tension), and their 24-hour relations with indices of physiological activation and performance efficiency. The participants of the study (n=28 females) spent 26 hours under controlled laboratory conditions. Self-ratings of subjective activation, oral temperature, electrodermal activity, and performance on a visual vigilance task were measured every four hours. Twenty-four hour variations were examined by means of repeated measures analyses of variance, and by group mean cosinor analyses before and after controlling for the data trends. Self-ratings on both dimensions of subjective activation showed significant 24-hour variations. Energy showed both non-rhythmic and endogenously determined circadian variations, while 24-hour variations of Tension were dominantly non-rhythmic and most probably determined by the exogenous factors. The significant 24-hour covariations were found between Energy and body temperature. A negative correlation between 24-hour variations of Energy and Tension was also found. Considering low and intermediate levels of subjective activation established over the 24 hours in this study, the association of the two dimensions of subjective activation did not prove to be consistent with the assumptions of the Thayer's model.
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