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Autori: Bolanča, Stanislav; Mikota, Miroslav; Mrvac, Nikola; Majnarić, Igor
Naslov: Comparasion of the Quality Limits of some Printing Papers in Offset and Digital Printing
Knjiga: Advances in Printing Science and Technology
Urednik/ci: Bristow, Anthony
Izdavač: Pira International Ltd
Grad: Surrey
Godina: 2001
ISBN: 1 85802 438 2
Ključne riječi: Conventional Printing, Digital Printing, Digital Offset Printing Proces, Printing Material
The idea was to study the new digital printing techniques as the developing continuation of the existing conventional techniques. The successfulness of some mechanical properties of the digital printing techniques on the conventional printing materials has been studied. Conventional offset printing process, as the most often conventional technique was used as reference. The prints were tested on characteristic representative printing materials: on fine art paper, calendered paper and offset paper. Prints with 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% halftone value were subjected to mechanical tests of rubbing and double folding. The printing techniques were the direct digital printing with powdered toner XEROX, digital offset printing with liquid toner Indigo E Print and conventional offset printing process on Heidelberg offset machine. The investigation results showed that the prints obtained by means of offset cylinder in both techniques loose less quality with the decrease of smoothness of the printing material than the prints obtained by direct printing (Xerox). It was also showed that the liquid ink better and stronger absorbs in the surface of the printing material than the stiff one. Such results show some regularities, which appear in conventional direct and indirect printing techniques, but in digital printing, one has to pay attention to temperature of the electric equipment as important factor of the process.
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