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Authors: Rade, Desanka; Škevin, Dubravka; Štrucelj, Dubravka; Koprivnjak, Olivera
Title: Procjena gorkog okusa maslinovoga ulja i ekstrakcija gorkih tvari
( Evaluation of bitter taste in olive oil and extraction of bitter constituents )
Source: 3.HRVATSKI KONGRES PREHRAMBENIH TEHNOLOGA, BIOTEHNOLOGA I NUTRICIONISTA / Karlović, Damir ; Marić, Vladimir ; Hegedušić, Vesna (ed). - Prehrambeno-biotehnološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu , 1998. 65.
Location and date: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 10-12. 06.1998.
Keywords: maslinovo ulje; gorčina maslinovoga ulja
( olive oil; bitterness of olive oil )
The effect of different factors (ripeness of olive fruit, climate conditions, proccessing procedures) on bitter taste and quality of virgin olive oil were investigated. Evaluation of the bitterness intensity was made by sensoric and analytical methods. In oil samples free fatty acids, peroxide value, ultraviolet specific absorptions, total polyphenol and o-diphenol content were also determined. The bitter consttituents from oils with higher bitterness wereextracted with water, and after that intensity of the bitter taste and phenols on the oil extract were determined. Experimental values of the intensity of bitterness (I.B.)differed widely among samples and were in the range of 0,17-2,5.The bitter taste of olive oil is mostlyinfluenced by maturityof fruits, but many other factors also influence the quality and bitternessof this oil. LOw intensity of bitterness is pleasant, while high intensity decreases the sensoric properties of the oil, although free fatty acids and peroxide value of the oils are very low.After extraction of bittersubstances, the oil had lower intensity of bitter taste and desirable sensoric propertis, while the extract had an intense bitter taste.
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