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Autori: Čilić Burušić, Lidija; Burušić, Josip; Ferić, Ivana
Naslov: Ethnic distance between Croats and Muslims in Central Bosnia shortly after the war
Izvornik: VIIth European Congress of Psychology, Book of AbstractsLondon :
Skup: VIIth European Congress of Psychology
Mjesto i datum: London, Great Britain, 01.-06.07.2001.
Ključne riječi: ethic distance; intergroup conflict; ethnic attitudes; ethnocentrism; group behaviour
Background: The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended in 1995 with numerous casualties and serious material loss. Under the terms of Dayton Agreement, Croats and Muslims in Central Bosnia who were at war with each other, consented to peaceful coexistence and collaboration. However, how feasible were these agreements? We assume that a measure of social distance between the two nations may indicate their readiness to accomplish some of these goals.Aims: To assess the average ethnic distance that Croats and Muslims express towards each other, and towards nations not directly involved in the conflict. To examine whether there is a difference in the expressed ethnic distance in relation to high/low war traumatization.Methods: Participants were 202 high school students from Vitez (Croats) and Travnik (Muslims) who completed the following measures: traumatic war experience scale, ethnic distance scale, graphic form of ethnic attitudes scale, questionnaire on feasibility of peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Croats in Bosnia.Results: All participants experienced a considerable number of traumatic war events, and expressed extreme ethnic distance. Croats express greater distance towards Muslims than vice versa, and this grows significantly in relation to higher war traumatization. This effect was not significant in the case of Muslim participants.Conclusions: Although exposure to a higher number of traumatic events has an unequal effect on ethnic distance, members of both nations express considerable distance towards each other, which might indicate certain problems in attempting to achieve peaceful coexistence.
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