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Autori: Kaliterna, Ljiljana; Prizmić, Zvjezdana; Vojnović, Franka; Raboteg-Šarić, Zora
Naslov: The Forgotten Generations of Central and Eastern Europe- Status Report from Croatia
Izvornik: Ageing International (0163-5158) 21 (1994), 3; 44-48
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: ageing; care
Economic conditions in many European countries undergoing social, political and economic transformation have deteriorated significantly during the past decade. The problem facing the Republic of Croatia is similar to that facing other Eastern and Central European countries: how to make the transition from an authoritarian political system and a centralized economy to a democratic, market economy. However, Croatia's case is particularly serious. In addition to the entire range of problems similar to other countries, a cruel war was imposed to Croatia. Ranging over almost all the territory of Croatia, the war brought about a number of inevitable demographic consequences and caused many health, economic and lifestyle problems. In such conditions it is not surprising that some of the ambitious policies and plans for national development changed or slowed down and have to be continued or renewed in the years to come. In every society the elderly are big care consumers, dependent on the care of society. The fact that population is ageing leads to a growing demand for health care and social welfare services. In developed countries it is primarily the question of economic conditions whereas in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe it is a question of restructuring the whole system.
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