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Autori: Šverko, Iva; Babarović, Toni
Naslov: The validity of Holland's Theory in Croatia
Izvornik: Journal of Career Assessment (1069-0727) 14 (2006), 4; 490-507
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Ključne riječi: Holland; Self-directed Search; Croatia; interest structure; interests; values
The validity of Holland’ s theory in the Croatian sample has been tested. The Croatian version of Holland’ s SDS was applied on a total number of N = 1866 Croatian adolescents from different age samples. The instrument has shown a good reliability of all RIASEC scales in all subsamples. Construct validity was also verified: the presence of circular structure of RIASEC types and two underlying dimensions was mostly confirmed, and hypothesized relations between RIASEC types and value orientations were found. Concurrent validity shows that on the basis of Holland’ s RIASEC scores we can predict the educational program in which the student is enrolled. The results support the validity of Holland’ s theory in the Croatian sample.
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