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Autori: Juras, Ivan
Naslov: Arhitektura između uporabnog i virtualnog prostora
( Architecture between applicational and virtual space )
Izvornik: Human Perspectives in the Internet Society: Culture, Psychology and Gender / Morgan, K., Brebbia, C.A., Sanches, J., Voiskonsky, A. (ur.). - Cadiz - Boston : Wit Press, Southampton , 2004. 331-341.
Skup: Human Perspectives in the Internet Society: Culture, Psychology and Gender
Mjesto i datum: Cadiz, Spain, 8-10.9.2004.
Ključne riječi: virtualno; uporabno; prostor; čovjek; arhitektura; grad
( virtual; applicational; space; humankind; architecture; city )
Architecture was often a field used for the verification of new technological possibilities (innovations) which inspired man's utopian yearning. This yearning can be classified into "external" and "internal". External yearning is the desire for flight through the endless space of the universe ; internal yearning is the desire for immersion into virtual space. Both involve intervening into and manipulating man's environment, transforming it in accordance with the degree and range of technical development (architecture is culture), thereby directly confirming the level of civilisation through the house-city organisation. In the creative anticipatory process, architects are immersed in virtual space, with reality as an afterthought, and are subjected to a particular kind of mental gymnastics in their attempts to project themselves into the position of a future end-user, whereby they are forced to view and analyse their own project through the eyes of this end-user. On a second level of projection, the problem which arises is the balancing of potential reality and the desire for a utopian vision, which the architect does not see literally as a picture, but rather something about which the architect hypothesises as an ideal. However, since architecture is not a phenomenon per se, and since the house-city has served humans as a type of refuge in the face of varying climates and other requirements, the pertinent question is what purpose architecture will serve at a point where a synthetically produced human comes into existence. Today, modern man, with all his physiological traits, is steadily becoming out-dated – an archaic and anachronic being, unadjusted to immersion into virtual space because he still uses gravitational pull and the sun’ s traverse across the sky as a means of guidance. It would seem that this is only a temporary act of media domination over reality and nature.
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Projekt / tema: 0054020
Izvorni jezik: eng
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