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Autori: Mihalić, Snježana
Naslov: Why do we need engineering geological terminology for geoscience data management?
( Why do we need engineering geological terminology for geoscience data management? )
Izvornik: Proc. 32nd International Geological Congress. Abstracts, Part 2Florence :
Skup: 32nd International Geological Congress
Mjesto i datum: Firenca, Italija, 20-28.08.2004.
Ključne riječi: engineering geology; geoscience data management; geological information system
( engineering geology; geoscience data management; geological information system )
In recent times, the geological community has constantly been recognising the need for production of geological maps which are dedicated to non-geologist users of geological data (planners, engineers, decision-makers and the general public). Simultaneously, after a decade of successful developing of national GIS custodial geological databases, a need is appearing for the international standardization of geological information systems. By compilation of these two trends of geoscience data management, the conclusion is that a standardized geological information system is needed, suitable for production of a wide range of geological maps, with an emphasis on custom-oriented mapping. Most of geological maps that genuinely meet society’ s requirements related to resource assessment, economic development, environmental issues and social benefit, used to be produced in the frame of disciplines of engineering geology. The ever-growing demand for production of digital engineering geological maps from geological data bases has revealed the need for revision of traditional mapping principles and methods for their incorporation into digital mapping production systems. Production of digital engineering geological maps from cartographic databases presupposes some extensions of the geological database. Accordingly, this paper deals with some necessary extension of content and structure of geological cartographic data bases aimed at production of standardized custom oriented maps. The conclusion of this paper is that precondition for standardized custodial digital archives of geological data is storing of the earth material physical-mechanical properties and earth processes characteristics. They should be described according to the terminology recommended in internationally accepted standards, or in the documents of corresponding expert working parties which are accepted as equivalents of standard. In the paper the example of digital engineering geological map is given created on the base of traditional principles of IAEG's Commission for engineering geological maps.
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Projekt / tema: 0195047
Izvorni jezik: eng
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