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Autori: Samaržija, Dubravka; Antunac, Neven; Pecina, Marija; Havranek, Jasmina; Pavlović, Ivo
Naslov: Mineral value of artisanal cheeses produced from raw sheep milk in the Mediterranean area of Croatia
( Mineral value of artisanal cheeses produced from raw sheep milk in the Mediterranean area of Croatia )
Izvornik: Milk and Dairy products, Eurpean Dairy Congress 03 Book of Abstracts / Biotechnical Faculty University of Ljubljana (ur.). - Ljubljana : Academic Press , 2003. 90-90.
Skup: Milk and Dairy Products European Dairy Congress
Mjesto i datum: Portorož, Slovenija, 15.-18.11.2003.
Ključne riječi: hard sheep cheeses; microelements; macroelements; trace elements
( cheeses; microelements; macroelements; trace elements )
The purpose of the present research was to estimate the concentrations of Ca, P, K, Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu and Fe in artisanal hard cheeses made from raw sheep milk in the different Mediterranean areas in Croatia. The mineral element content of cheese is of nutritional significance for humans, therefore it is very important to know its exact value in order to evaluate the contribution of cheese to diet. Unfortunately, the mineral composition of cheeses is characterised by extreme variability due to different composition of milk, genetic, physiological and environmental factors. In particular, the number of scientific publications dealing with the data on mineral elements related to sheep's cheeses made in traditional ways is rare. No research on mineral content has been performed on artisanal cheeses in Croatia. Therefore this study was of interest both from nutritive and a geographical indication. Forty two samples of hard artisanal farmhouse cheeses made from raw sheep's milk were randomly collected over the period of two years. The cheeses were divided, according to their origin, into three groups: cheeses from the Istrian peninsula (n=13), from the island of Pag, (n=17) and cheeses from the other Dalmatian islands (n=12). They were manufactured from February to June, and at the moment of analysis each cheese was in two-month aging period. All cheeses were made from a mixture of evening and morning milking without the addition of starter or non-starter cultures. The cheese samples were grated and than analysed. The pH, dry matter and fat content (g100g-1 cheese) were determined according to FIL-IDF: 4A: 1982 ; 152:1991 methods. The concentrations of Ca, K, Mg, Mn, Fe, Zn and Cu of wet sample (mg100g-1) were estimated by atomic absorption spectrometry, using a PU-9100X ASS spectrophotometer (Pyeunicam, UK). The determination of P was carried out using PU 8600 UV/VIS spectrophotometer (Pyeunicam, UK) at 420nm (yellow complex). Mean concentration found in cheeses for Ca, P, K, Mg, Mn, Fe, Zn and Cu according to their origin were: Istrian peninsula 686, 61, 521, 53, 82, 53, 33, 20, 0, 0158, 0, 9030, 3, 492, 0, 0243 ; island of Pag 698, 58, 566, 12, 99, 10, 34, 65, 0, 0152, 1, 0594, 3, 900, 0, 0265 and Dalmatian islands 726, 66, 567, 33, 100, 88, 30, 68, 0, 0098, 1, 0391, 4, 0166, 0, 0488 mg/100g cheese, respectively. Significant difference between areas was estimated only for K, Fe, and Zn concentration. The correlation between minerals and dry meter, fat and pH for 42 samples of cheese showed: high correlation between Ca and P (r=0, 909***), K and Zn (r=0.698***) ; these minerals were correlated with fat (r approx. 0.5**) and dry meter (r>0.7***). The value of the determined macrominerals (Ca, P, K, Mg) and trace elements (Mn, Fe, Zn, Cu), independently of the origin, in all cheeses were high and within the ranges according to the literature data. On the nutritional standing, however, the main value of those artisanal cheeses is in their rather high concentration of Zn. Significantly lower concentration of K, Fe and Zn was found in Istrian cheeses, while the concentration of other minerals was area independent. It could be concluded that those minerals may be considered as a useful criteria for distinguishing the Istrian cheeses from the Dalmatian and Pag cheeses regarding the geographical indication
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