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Autori: Tokić, Pavao; Prskalo, Ivan
Naslov: Differences in the system of anthropological characteristics of recruits as a result of place of residence
Izvornik: Kinesiology- New perspectives / Milanović, Dragan ; Prot, Franjo (ur.). - Zagreb : Faculty of Kinesiology , 2002. 582-585.
Skup: Kinesiology new perspectives. International scientific conference
Mjesto i datum: Opatija, Hrvatska, 25-29.09.2002.
Ključne riječi: anthropological characteristics; recruits; place of residence
On the basis of the research conducted on 600 Croatian army recruits divided according to geographical place of residence into recruits from coastal and recruits from continental region of Croatia, it can be concluded that anthropometric variables and their system show significant differences between these two subgroups denying their belonging to the same population. Analysing the results it is obvious that recruits from coastal region have significantly bigger height index whereas there are no sigificant differences in body mass index between these two groups and from this it may be concluded that the height/body mass index is bigger in favour of the recruits from coastal region. Recruits from continental region have thicker skinfold of the centripetal parts especially abdomen skinfold, and recruits from coastal region have thicker centrifugal skinfolds which brings us to conclusion that they have more regularly distributed subcutaneous adipose tissue. Recruits from coastal region have bigger diametres which contributes to more robust body frame as the basis for greater manifestation of strength. This information should be taken into consideration in selection and direction of Croatian army recruits to different forms of kineziological treatment but also when assigning them to different branches of Croatian army.
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