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Autori: Franc, Renata; Bilić, Višnja
Naslov: Victims of War: Ex-prisoners Detained and Missing Persons and Members of their Families
Izvornik: Book of Abstracts, World Federation for Mental Health, Time for Reflection, World Congress, Dublin Ireland 1995Dublin : World Federation for Mental Health, Mental Health Association of Ireland , 1995. 92-92.
Skup: World Congress of World Federation for Mental Health "Time for Reflection"
Mjesto i datum: Dublin, Irska, 13.-18.08.1995.
Ključne riječi: detained and missing persons; family members; detention; Geneva Convention
One consequence of aggression against Croatia is a large number of detained and missing persons. The problem of missing persons is particulary prominent because of the extremly devastating psychological consequences that it has on the members of the families of missing persons. In this work we shall present officila data about detained and missing citizens of the Republic of Croatia and members of their families. The data shall be analysed in respect to the persons' status (soldiers/civilians), age, gender, marital status, time and place of disappearance. In addition we shall present data about ex-prisoners, including duration of detention and their state after release. This data, that indicates that a large number of persons are affected by this humanitarian problem, shall be commented in the light of The geneva Convenction and international humanitarian law as well as in respect to lack of psychological projects for ex-detains and their family members and family members of detained and missing persons.
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