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Autori: Badurina-Stipčević, Vesna
Naslov: The Old Testament Book of Esther in Croatian Glagolitic Vatican Illirico 5 Breviary from 14th century
Izvornik: Palaeoslavica (1070-5465) 12 (2004), 2; 5-39
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Ključne riječi: Book of Esther; Croatian Glagolitic Biblical Translation; Vatican Illirico 5 Breviary
In the course of few recent years there have been publicated two extensive critical editions on Slavonic Book of Esther, both supplied with textological and linguistic studies. About different topics, such as the question of the originally language of the translation, the place and time of source of Slavonic archetype, the opinions of researchers considerably differ. Slavonic texts of Esther content 167 verses or 10 chapters and they are known from 31 East Slavic manuscripts written before 1600. The earliest codex of the first translational of Esther is of the late 14th or early 15th century. The rich Eastern Slavonic traditon of Esther's texts should be completed with numerous but less known Croatian Glagolitic translations and versions. Croatian Glagolitic texts belong to the slightly specific textual tradition, they are following Vulgate's version of Esther. Lessons from the Book of Esther can be found in numerous Croatian Glagolitic codices spanning from the beginning of 14th century to the mid of 16th. The most extensive Esther's texts are from 22 Croatian Glagolitic breviaries. Here is given a critical edition of Croatian Glagolitic text of the Book of Esther from the Vatican Illirico 5 Breviary. This manuscript dating from the 14th century is the main rappresentative of the south breviary group, wich is less conservative in textological and linguistical aspects.
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