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Autori: Čavala, Marijana; Rogulj, Nenad; Srhoj, Vatromir
Naslov: Basic and situacion-related motor characteristics of female handball players in younger age groups
( Basic and situacion-related motor characteristics of female handball players in younger age groups )
Izvornik: Kinesiology-new perspectives / Milanović, Dragan ; Prot, Franjo (ur.). - Zagreb : Faculty of Kinesiology , 2002. 272-275.
Skup: 3rd International Scientific Conference
Mjesto i datum: Opatija, Hrvatska, 25-29.09.2002.
Ključne riječi: rukomet; motoričke sposobnosti; razlike
( handball; motoric abilities; differences )
The research has been conducted on the sample of 62 subjects, the attenders of RK Split Kaltenberg handball school, aged 10-14, with the aim of determining which tests for evaluating basic motor abilities can detect differences in relation to the subjects` age and efficiency in situation-related handball tests. The differences have been determined by variance anylysis, and the subjects have been divided in two age groups or qualitative cathegories with regard to their efficiency in situation-related tests respectively. The analysis of the differences in relation to age have revealed that in the majority of variables older subjects achieve better values. These results are supported by already known data about differences in biological characteristics of single female handball players groups, and they also speak in favour of long-term training process which involved the older subjects. The results in relation to efficiency in situation-related tests reveal the greatest differences in speed tests as well as in explosive power tests in the aspect of take-off and chest throw. On the other hand, repetitive trunk power and flexibility do not affect situation-related efficiency, which coincides with the results of the researches done so far. Evidently, handball game is dominated by speed maximum and agility in movement performance, explosive jumps, chest throws and energetic duels, and not by long-term repetitions which are not in balance with the basic kinesiological structure of this game.
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