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Autori: Takšić, Vladimir; Šiljan, Hana; Rukavina, Tamara
Naslov: Psychometric properites of Short version of Vocabulary Emotion Test
Izvornik: 7th Alps-Adria conference in psychology - ABSTRACTS / Manenica, Ilija (ur.). - Zadar : Department of psychology, University of Zadar , 2005. 61.
Skup: 7th Alps-Adria conference in psychology
Mjesto i datum: Zadar, Hrvatska, 02-04.06.2005.
Ključne riječi: Vocabulary Emotion Test; emotional inteligence; psychometric properties
Last ten years is somethimes declared as "Decade of Heart", as a reflection on the growing interest in emotions and emotional inteligence (EI). EI referes to the abilty to process emotion-laden infomation competently and use it to guide cognitive activities, and to focus energy on positive behaviors. It suggested that there might be other ways of being intelligenent than those emphasized by standard IQ tests, and that EI could be important predictor of success in interpersonal relationship in family and workplace settings. For this reason EI bellongs in positive psychology. There are three most common used ways of evaluation of EI: a) self-report, b) informants, c) performance approaches (Mayer, Caruso, Salovey, 2000). Ability testing is "gold standard" in intelligence research because intelligence corresponds to the actual capacity to perform well at mental tasks. There are two measures of EI as a group of mental abilities Multifacet Emotional Intelligence Scale (MEIS) (Mayer, Salovey, & Caruso, 1997) and Mayer, Salovey, and Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) (Mayer et al., 1999). The aim of this study is to present psychometric properties of one test that measure individual differences in an ability to accurate define and label emotional saturated word, as a measure of one aspect of EI abilities – understanding of emotions. It is short version of Vocabulary Emotions Test (VET-Sh) with 35 items, instead of 102 items in original test (VET ; Takšić, Harambašić & Velemir, 2003). The test is constructed as a multiple choice, and in the same manner and format as Vocabulary test from California Tests of Mental Maturity (CTMM-V), but using emotions as target words. Basic psychometric properties in a sample of 212 (122 females and 90 males) high school students have showed as follows: average items difficulty is 0, 57, average inter item variance is 0, 22, average inter-item correlation is 0, 22, and Alpha coefficient of reliability for the VET-Sh is 0.91.
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Projekt / tema: 0009023
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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