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Autori: Slavić, Ana; Manenica, Ilija
Naslov: Effects of extraversion and neuroticism on performance in Fitts Tapping tasks
Izvornik: Review of psychology (1330-6812) 11 (2004), 1/2; 61-67
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: extraversion; neuroticism; psychomotor task; task difficulty; arousal; difficulty assesssment
The aim of this study was to check the differences in performance between extraverts and introverts, as well as neurotic and stable subjects, in Fitts’ Tapping Task (FTT). Forty subjects classified into the four personality categories according to the EPI questionnaire (10 in each), performed twelve original FTT, with the task difficulty ranging from one to six bits. The results showed the difference in performance between introverts and extraverts, but not neurotic and stable subjects. Introverts achieved better results in lighter tasks, while extraverts were better in more difficult tasks. The differences were attributed to summative effects of natural and task induced arousal, which resulted in an optimal level of arousal in extraverts and hyperarousal in introverts at more demanding tasks. It was also found that stable introverts had the highest, and stable extraverts the lowest estimates of task difficulty assessment. Neuroticism, however, had no effects on the task difficulty assessment.
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