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Autori: Milas, Goran; Mlačić, Boris
Naslov: Brand personality and human personality: Findings from ratings of familiar Croatian brands
Izvornik: Consumer Personality & Research Conference / Bosnjak, Michael ; Bratko, Denis ; Galešić, Mirta ; Tuten, Tracy L. (ur.). - Dubrovnik :
Skup: Consumer Personality & Research Conference
Mjesto i datum: Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 20-24.09.2005.
Ključne riječi: brand personality; personality structure; lexical approach; Big-five model; AB5C model
The paper describes the personality ratings of familiar Croatian brands and the relations of those dimensions with self-ratings of personality. After the seminal study of Aaker (1997) that tried to identify the dimensions of brand personality, an attempt was made to relate the brand personality to the personality dimensions derived from the natural language. In the first study, a sample of 55 students rated the familiarity of 111 brands from the categories of “ Croatian creation” and “ Croatian quality” and 10 brands were selected on the basis of mean familiarity and representing various product categories (food, beverages, medicine and cleaning products). In the second study, an exhaustive Croatian taxonomy of personality descriptive-terms (Mlačić and Ostendorf, 2005) served as a basis for the construction of a 90-item inventory that covered the 45 facets from the AB5C model (Goldberg, 2005). A large sample of students (267) rated the personality of 10 selected brands using the 90-item inventory and, in addition the students rated their own personality using the 50-item International Personality Item Pool (Goldberg, 1999). The results of exploratory factor analyses of brand personality are discussed in the light of the previous research, the lexical approach and brand differences.
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