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Autori: Marušić, Iris; Baranović, Branislava; Batarelo, Ivana
Naslov: The use of information technology and gender: A survey of 8th grade students in Croatia
Izvornik: Integrating Multiple Perspectives on Effective Learning Environments / Constantinou, C.P. et al. (ur.). - Nicosia : University of Cyprus , 2005. 292.
Skup: 11th European Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction
Mjesto i datum: Nicosia, Cyprus, 23-27.08.2005.
Ključne riječi: information technology; gender; 8th grade students
Despite the increasing awareness about the importance of computer literacy, the current primary curriculum in Croatia offers ICT only as an elective subject, and up to date there are no studies offering reliable information on the actual use of ICT in the educational settings. Therefore the aim of this research was to investigate the level of computer and Internet use among Croatian elementary school students. Special reference was made to gender differences, since a number of studies indicate the existence of gender differences in the use of ICT among school students in various countries. The study was carried out on a representative sample of 121 school in Croatia. The sample of pupils consisted of 2674 pupils, 1322 girls and 1345 boys whose average age was 14. The administered questionnaire comprised items related to the use of computers at school and elsewhere, and to the assessment of the optional school subject of ICT on the following five dimensions: interestingness, comprehensibility, difficulty, usefulness for current life and importance for the future life. Our research findings show that of all places school is the last place where pupils use computers. About three quarters of Croatian pupils never or rarely get to use computers at school, and even 80% either never use Internet at school or do so rarely. Data reveal some gender differences in the frequency of the use of computers outside school. The assessment of ICT as an elective subject reveals that boys find it easier and more comprehensible than girls, although both genders are equally aware of its usefulness and importance for the future life, and find it equally interesting. These findings have an implication for the creation of future educational policy regarding the inclusion of ICT as an integral part of the school curriculum.
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