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Autori: McCrae, Robert R.; Terracciano, Antonio; Bratko, Denis; Marušić, Iris
Naslov: Personality Profiles of Cultures: Aggregate Personality Traits
Izvornik: Journal of personality and social psychology (0022-3514) 89 (2005), 3; 407-425
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Personality; Five-Factor Model; Cross-cultural; Culture-level analyses
Personality profiles of cultures can be operationalized as the mean trait levels of culture members. College students from 51 cultures rated an individual from their country whom they knew well (N = 12, 156). Aggregate scores on Revised NEO Personality Inventory scales generalized across age and gender groups, approximated the individual-level Five-Factor Model, and correlated with aggregate self-report personality scores and other culture-level variables. Results were not attributable to national differences in economic development or to acquiescence. Geographical differences in scale variances and mean levels were replicated, with Europeans and Americans generally scoring higher in Extraversion than Asians and Africans. Findings support the rough scalar equivalence of NEO-PI-R factors and facets across cultures, and suggest that aggregate personality profiles provide insight into cultural differences.
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