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Autori: Dasgupta, S.; Bilić, Neven; Das, T.K.
Naslov: Pseudo-Schwarzschild Spherical Accretion as a Classical Black Hole Analogue
Izvornik: General Relativity and Gravitation (0001-7701) 37 (2005); 1877-1890
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: black hole analogue; accretion
We demonstrate that a spherical accretion onto astrophysical black holes, under the influence of Newtonian or various post-Newtonian pseudo-Schwarzschild gravitational potentials, may constitute a concrete example of classical analogue gravity naturally found in the Universe. We analytically calculate the corresponding analogue Hawking temperature as a function of the minimum number of physical parameters governing the accretion flow. We study both the polytropic and the isothermal accretion. We show that unlike in a general relativistic spherical accretion, analogue white hole solutions can never be obtained in such post-Newtonian systems. We also show that an isothermal spherical accretion is a remarkably simple example in which the only one information--the temperature of the fluid, is sufficient to completely describe an analogue gravity system. For both types of accretion, the analogue Hawking temperature may become higher than the usual Hawking temperature. However, the analogue Hawking temperature for accreting astrophysical black holes is considerably lower compared with the temperature of the accreting fluid.
Projekt / tema: 0098002
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