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Autori: Raboteg-Šarić, Zora; Marinović, Lovorka
Naslov: High school students'perception of trafficking in human beings: Understanding the problem and prevention possibilities
Izvornik: Childhoods 2005: Children and youth in emerging and transforming societies / Ola Stafseng et al. (ur.). - Oslo : Childwatch International & University of Oslo , 2005. 429.
Skup: Childhoods 2005: Children and youth in emerging and transforming societies
Mjesto i datum: Oslo, Norveška, 29.6.-3.7.2005.
Ključne riječi: trafficking in children; sexual exploitation; child labour
In this study the results from a survey conducted by the IOM on a representative sample of 950 high school students in Croatia are presented and discussed. The aim of the research was to estimate young people's knowledge about the problem of trafficking in human beings, their attitudes towards victims and traffickers and awareness of the risks of victimisation. The participants completed a questionnaire that mainly focused on trafficking as a form of sexual and labour exploitation. The survey results have shown that the majority of students are familiar with the problem of human trafficking, but the information they have is often superficial and incomplete. Trafficking is mainly perceived as a problem characteristic of other countries and the youth are prone to see human trafficking victims as naï ; ve. In addition, many young people have unrealistic expectations of life and work abroad. More than two-thirds of students believe they could never become victims of trafficking. Responses related to misconceptions and underestimation of the danger of trafficking and to more negative attitudes towards victims of trafficking are more typical of boys and students attending lower-quality education. The results point to the need for systematic youth education about possible risks of victimisation.
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