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Authors: Prijić - Samaržija, Snježana
Title: Argument kontinuiteta i sorit paradoks
( Continuity argument and sorites paradox )
Source: Theoria (Beograd) (0351-2274) XLIII (2000), 3-4; 2-24
Paper type: article
Keywords: argument kontinuiteta; fertilizacija; sorit; paradoks; sorit serije; maligna i benigna proizvoljnost
( continuity paradox; fertilization; sorites paradox; sorites series; malign and benign arbitrariness )
The main aim of article is to analyse the continuity argument, one of the arguments upon which the moral condemnation of scientific and medical practices such as embryo research, assisted reproduction, abortion, therapeutic cloning, etc., are based. I have tried to argue that from the most persuasive interpretation of the post-fertilization continuity, it does not follow: (1) thet fertilization is a necessary determinant of moral status ; (2) that fertilization is the most reasonable determinant of moral status.
Project / theme: 0009007
Original language: HRV
Category: Znanstveni
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