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Authors: Ajduković, Marina
Title: Introducing supervision in the social welfare system in Croatia
Book: Sustainable development in social work : the case of a Regional Network in the Balkans
Editor/s: Hessle, Sven ; Zavirsek, Darja
Publisher: Stockholm University, Department of Social Work, International Projects
City: Stockholm
Year: 2005
Page range:: 113-141
ISBN: 91-971-682-4-6
Keywords: Supervision, psychosocial work, social welfare system
In the article the historical perspective and current context of the project - Introducing supervision into the social welfare system in Republic of Croatia – is described. The Project followed the "training of trainers" model and included : (1) advanced training for trainers in supervision that lasted for a year, for a group of ten professionals that already had several years of experience in supervision and (2) a training for supervisors in psycho-social work that thirty five social welfare professionals from Croatia have successfully completed. These were first systematic education and training in the area of supervision within the context of social welfare services provision. The challenges of the training, its outcomes and side effects were in depth analyzed. The special focus was given to different issues related to international collaboration in development of such projects.
Project / theme: 0066002
Original language: ENG
Category: Expert
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Law,Social activity