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Autori: Katalinić, Vjera
Naslov: Nikola Zrinyi (1508-66) as a National Hero in 19th-Century Opera between Vienna, Berlin, Budapest and Zagreb
Izvornik: Musica e storia (1127-0063) 12 (2004), 3; 611-630
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Nikola Zrinyi; hero; 19th-century opera; Vienna; Berlin; Budapest; Zagreb
The legendary Ottoman siege of the Sigeth Fortress in 1566 – in spite of its tragic end and the death of the majority of its defenders, including the commander Nikola Šubić Zrinski (1508-66) – stopped the Ottoman military campaign towards Vienna. In the 19th century the saga inspired works of literature, libretto production and music. Up to now six musical stage works based on this theme have been identified, inspired by the drama, written in 1812 by the German Theodor Körner. The common topic – Zrinski's defending his country against the Ottoman aggressor – was applied to various situations: in the struggle of the Austrians against Napoleon (Körner – Kleinheinz) or any other aggression (Weill?), and for confirmation of the national idea when it was endangered (Gläser, Adelburg, Zajc, probably also Vleeshouwer). Music for three of them has been preserved. Their composers are: Franz Gläser, the Austrian composer of Czech origins ; August Abramović-Adelburg, violinist and composer of Italian-Croatian origins born in Turkey ; and Ivan Zajc, Croatian composer of Czech origins, musically educated in Milan. The composers were of different nationalities, their works were composed for various theatres, but their common theme always intended to provoke strong national enthusiasm. Their works underscore the inspiring topic that touched their authors, and for them, it provided an opportunity to fulfil the pressing demands of their respective political climates. But, beyond this social function, they express the compositional attitudes of their authors (primarily of Adelburg and Zajc). The enthusiasm that greeted the performances in the majority of cases showed that Zrinski's battle against the Turks had been elevated to a higher level – to the level of a principle, as an ideal of bravery and self-sacrifice for a common idea. But, in spite of all patriotic emotions in the concrete operatic pieces, their absolute musical and dramatic worth must be clearly articulated without forgetting their primary ideas of historical importance.
Projekt / tema: 0213001
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Google Scholar: Nikola Zrinyi (1508-66) as a National Hero in 19th-Century Opera between Vienna, Berlin, Budapest and Zagreb

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