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Autori: Barath, Arpad
Naslov: Croatia
Knjiga: Minority Elderly Care in Europe
Urednik/ci: Patel, Naina
Izdavač: PRIAE Policy Research Institute on Ageing and Ethnicity
Grad: Leeds, London
Godina: 2003
Raspon stranica:: 175-192
ISBN: 0-9537642-3-0
Ključne riječi: Croatia Europe Minority Elderly Care
Croatia's inclusion in the MEC project may introduce a new way of thinking about what is entailed when dealing with 'minority/majority' issues in societies and communities that have historically been multiethnic, such as exist throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Croatia's inclusion in the scope, aims and methodology of this pan-European project is a valuable excercise in learning how minority elders have managed their lives, health and social welfare during and after the terrible war which threatened them with mass murder and ethnic cleansing. Last but not least, Croatia can only benefit from the endevour to compare its own health and social welfare system, in regard to minority elders, with that of the more developed countries of the EU.
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Javno zdravstvo i zdravstvena zaštita,Psihologija,Demografija
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