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Autori: Buzolić, Juraj; Mladineo, Nenad; Knezić, Snježana
Naslov: GIS based fire protection management for fire risk zones
( GIS based fire protection management for fire risk zones )
Izvornik: Management Information Systems incorporating GIS and Remote Sensing / Brebbia, C.A. ; Pascolo, P. (ur.). - Southampton, U.K. : WIT Press , 2000. .
Skup: International Conference on MIS
Mjesto i datum: Lisabon, Portugal, 14-16.06.2000.
Ključne riječi: management information systems; GIS; fire risk zones
( management information systems; GIS; fire risk zones )
Considering the fact that in Dalmatia (Croatia), during the summer, forest fires occur very frequently causing catastrophic damages on the valuable environment, influencing tourism and other activities, MIS (Management Information System) for fire protection is conceptualised. MIS is based on the integration of the fire protection system and GIS of the Split-Dalmatia County with management models that evaluate ambient characteristics. GIS contains county maps with infrastructure data and objects, scale 1: 25000, and new (aggregated) data about environment generated by MIS. In view of worldwide experiences in the real-time forest fire detection using telecommunication systems and sensors on the open areas, as well as GIS capabilities, it is possible to identify and precisely locate emergency sites as well as define efficient approach of intervention with all relevant spatial data. Furthermore, it is possible to quickly locate distances from the fire-sites to the emergency roads and to check the possibilities for vehicle and men transfer or potential air intervention. MIS also contains information about “ value” of the areas captured by fire, thus, according to the algorithms, a mobility degree of fire service intervention brigade is calculated. Bearing in mind that the interventions from the air are rather expensive and aeroplane flying hours are limited, an optimal strategy of aeroplanes schedule is defined in accordance with “ land value” and some other fire service parameters. MIS is also used for the optimal sensor distribution on the certain area. This facility is based on multicriteria analysis and comprises protection degree maximisation, configuration of existing fibre-optics cable network and “ land value” of areas included in sensor protection programme. Multicriteria analysis includes vegetation characteristics evaluated in one parameter “ vegetation and land value” as well as vegetation suitability for the fire dispersion and possibility to extinguish the fire (amount of pitch, tree thickness and height, average density, etc.).
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