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Autori: Delale, Eva Anđela
Naslov: Work with multy-traumatized children in supportive environment
Izvornik: The 1st International conference on psycho-social consequences of war / European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies and World Veterans Federation (ur.). -
Skup: The 1st International conference on psycho-social consequences of war
Mjesto i datum: Dubrovnik, Croatia, 26.04.-30.04. 1998.
Ključne riječi: refugees resettlement; trauma recovery; children
Radical change of life situation and distress continue in the process in refugee’ s resettlement. Social reconstruction of the communities in post war period includes organizing life with people who did not originally live there, as well as newcomers, displaced families from other parts of Croatia and Bosnia. In such communities we find individuals and families under strong social distress. Social marginalization, traumatic experience, actual unemployment, cultural differences and unsolved legal status of newcomers are factor that have cumulative effects in the period of the post/war adjustment. In order to reestablish the level of functioning from the pre-crisis period as soon as possible, psychosocial support to those who have difficulties in coping with the actual situation and whose mental health is at high risk is needed. As well as in the period of displacement, the children are a high-risk group now. They are expected to fulfill the developmental tasks that are brought before them by the growing up process, as well as the adjustment to new circumstances in the process of resettlement and previous traumas and losses. Within the Society for Psychological Assistance (SPA) project” Psychological assistance to the children in the resettlement process” in Hrvatska Kostajnica, certain number of children needed intensive assistance. The group of 22 severely traumatized children that were identified by their school teachers and SPA care-providers were offered the program of trauma recovery. It was implemented in summer camp that was different from their current social environment. Being aware of all disadvantages and difficulties of trauma work with children in the seaside summer camp environment, two/week program with two basic goals was planned: 1. Assessment of needs and level of traumatization and development of long term treatment plan for children according to their needs. 2. Beginning of the working throughout the traumatic experiences, normalization of experiences and other interventions aimed to specific children’ s difficulties. During the program implementation it becomes apparent that the special attention is needed in addressing the following issues: -opening of old trauma is very painful process and appropriate sensibility of a ease/provider is needed -decision whether the group work is appropriate in the beginning of trauma treatment -assuring support and confidence in group, or in child-therapist relationship that will make sharing of experiences easier -being aware of different needs of children in different age groups -special requirement in working with adolescents -meting the needs of children with very different experiences -sensibility in the situation when children avoid talking because they still feel unsafe during the trauma processing -the importance of teaching about reaction to trauma, teaching different coping skills -importance of co-leadership -leisure time structuring -adapting and changing the aims of interventions according to current needs of children and context of work -organizational problems and working conditions.
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