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Poglavlje/Rad u knjizi

Autori: Rimac, Ivan; Milas, Goran
Naslov: In Search Of Democratic Development Agents - Comparative analysis of satisfaction with democracy in European countries
Knjiga: In Search of identity: A copmarative study of values: Croatia and Europe
Urednik/ci: Baloban, Josip
Izdavač: Golden marketing - Tehnička knjiga
Grad: Zagreb
Godina: 2005
Raspon stranica:: 85-114
ISBN: 953-212-256-7
Ključne riječi: modernization, post-materialism, democracy
The analyses that were carried out, on different levels – individual and state level – provide contradictory indicators that can indicate possible agents of the influence on satisfaction with democracy. These kinds of findings actualize the problem of relevance of a used criterion of satisfaction with democracy that, not only reflects an objective state but also the level of aspiration of members of a nation that can be contaminated to a certain extent by a historical experience. // Unequivocally, the analysis indicates that the only stable predictor of satisfaction with democracy is satisfaction with performances of a current government, while other indicators act differently on different levels of the analysis. As the explanatory power of an individual level of the analysis is significantly larger and it conceptually corresponds in a better way with theoretical stand points, we can come to a conclusion that, in order to strengthen satisfaction with democracy, it is important to have more educated citizens, who believe in the institutions of the system and who condemn the abberation from collective norms, especially in the sphere of cheating the community but also in other aspects. // On the level of aggregates, it turns out that there are no clear trends of development or that, to a large extent ; they are blurred by specific qualities of transitional countries, which enter the process of modernisation with a specific constallation of social relations. // If we disregard those specific qualites, we can conclude that there is unequivocal evidence in support of the model of situational reaction model, and partial evidence in support of the theory of social capital on an individual level of the analysis. The model of post-materialist change and the assumptions of economic determination of satisfaction with democracy were not adequately confirmed in this analysis. Some of the reasons could be attributed to a non-linear relation, for example, satisfaction with democracy and postmodern/postmaterialistic concepts or the level of economic production and satisfaction with democracy.
Projekt / tema: 0194105
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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