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Autori: Mladineo, Nenad; Lozić, Ivo; Stošić (Knezić), Snježana; Mlinarić, D.; Radica, Tonko
Naslov: An evaluation of multicriteria analysis for DSS in public policy decision
Izvornik: European Journal of Operational Research (0377-2217) 61 (1992), 1-2; 219-229
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Decision Support System; public policy; multiple criteria; practice
The definition of the routes for the future Adriatic highway along the Adriatic coast has given rise to a great number of discussions, dilemmas, conflicting interests and attitudes, considering the two alternatives of the route, i.e. the coastal and the continental one. Since the ?classical? methods (primarily feasibility studies), have yielded almost the same results for both alternatives, the government (the road management authorities) have decided upon the application of multicriteria analysis for finding the optimal alternative of the highway route. Applying multicriteria analysis, i.e. the PROMETHEE method and the program package GAIA, it was attempted to ?model? a very complex structure of the problem and by engaging a team of experts to make as objective as possible the evaluation procedure and the weight pondering of each group of criteria which were evidently in conflict. The influence exerted by parameters of each criterion weight on the obtained solution was estimated by different scenarios of weight pondering, and by an analysis of the stability of criterion weights. The paper also presents further development of the methodology used for deciding on alternative solutions of the highway route according to the DSS concept. Consequently, further phases include the integration of the data bases, model bases and the dialogue generator with the graphic interpretation of the results.
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Google Scholar: An evaluation of multicriteria analysis for DSS in public policy decision

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