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Autori: Penezić, Zvjezdan; Lacković-Grgin, Katica; Tucak, Ivana; Nekić, Marina; Žorga, Sonja; Poljšak Škraban, Olga; Vehovar, Urban
Naslov: Predictors of generative action among adults in two transitional countries
Izvornik: Social Indicators Research (0303-8300) 87 (2008), 2; 237-248
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: generativity; transitional countries; life goals
Model of generativity, as proposed by McAdams and de St. Aubin (1992) is not fully evaluated, but just some of components have been investigated. The reasons of that empirical status of the model are unequally precise descriptions and/or operationalizations of their components. After our previous research, which include adaptation of scales for measuring of some key components of model, generative care and generative action (Lacković-Grgin, Penezić, Tucak, 2002 ; Lacković-Grgin, 2004 ; Tucak et. al., 2005 ; Žorga and Poljšak Škraban, 2004.), as well as operationalization of so called belief in species component (which is a component of Philosophy about human nature) (Ćubela Adorić, Ivanov, Tucak, 2005. ; Ivanov, Ćubela Adorić, Tucak, Žorga, Poljšak Škraban, 2005), in this paper we have tried to evaluate life goals questionnaire. This questionnaire tried to measure the other component of the model – inner desire. In that way we could realize the main goal of this paper, research of some predictors of generative action. Generative action is under the strong influence of two motivational sources: cultural demands and inner desire. There are more sociological and economical indications about the differences in expected social development in countries like Croatia and Slovenia. In the last decade Slovenia has been developed more than Croatia. We could expect that this could be manifested in assessment of importance of some areas of life, which are relevant for generative action (e.g., work, marriage, free time), for life goals of agency and communion, as well as for generative care as a possible predictor of generative action. The greater differences were obtained in some predictors of generative action (e.g. importance of job, importance of free time, goals of agency and communion), as well as in their predictive importance.
Projekt / tema: 269-1301422-1493, 269-1301676-0821
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Google Scholar: Predictors of generative action among adults in two transitional countries

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