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Autori: Takšić, Vladimir; Mohorić, Tamara
Naslov: Relationship between emotional intelligence and various indicators of quality of life
Izvornik: Journal of Psychosomatic Research
ISSN: 0022-3999
Skup: 26th European Conference on Psychosomatics
Mjesto i datum: Cavtat, Hrvatska, 27-29.09.2006.
Ključne riječi: emotional intelligence; life satisfaction; ESCQ-45; trait emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is commonly defined as the set of abilities to process emotion-laden information competently. A series of studies were undertaken in an attempt to determine the relationship between emotional intelligence and life satisfaction, and its influence on positive outcomes in various situations. Using model of emotional intelligence (Mayer & Salovey, 1997) self-reported instrument ESCQ-45 (Taksic, 2001) that consists of three subscales with appropriate psychometric properties was constructed. The subscales are measure of so-called trait emotional intelligence and are labeled as ability to: a) perceive and understand emotions, b) express and label emotions and c) manage and regulate emotions. The results demonstrated that emotional intelligence has a significantly positive role in many important aspects of human functioning, such as: empathy (especially perspective taking), ego-resiliency, sensitivity for others and one’ s own emotions, emotional self-concept, coping with stress, maintaining positive mood, and openness to experience. Emotional intelligence and competence have a strong positive relationship with the life satisfaction across the various samples. In conclusion it could be said that emotional intelligence skills and competence are important in reaching and maintaining life satisfaction and positive outcomes.
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