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Autori: Bilić-Zulle, Lidija; Ažman, Josip; Frković, Vedran; Petrovečki, Mladen
Naslov: Attitudes towards plagiarism among medical students
Izvornik: ORI Research Conference on Research Integrity, Abstracts BookTampa :
Skup: 2006. ORI Research Conference on Research Integrity
Mjesto i datum: Tampa, Florida, Sjedinjene Američke Države, 1-3.12. 2006.
Ključne riječi: Education; Medical; Ethics; Medical; Fraud; Intellectual property; Copyright; Medical Informatics; Plagiarism; Scientific Misconduct; Schools; Medical; Universities
AIMS. This study is final part of research project on prevalence and attitudes towards plagiarism and dishonesty among medical students. The purpose of study is to build basis for education reform and improvement of university polices on scientific integrity and its promotion among future physicians and biomedical scientists in Croatia. METHODS. Second year medical students at Rijeka University School of Medicine (N=295, 63% females, during three academic years) were investigated on attitudes towards six fictitious scenarios: three cases dealing with plagiarism (coping paper from fellow-student with and without his awareness and professor coping from junior associate), case of self-plagiarism, exam cheating and issuing a medical report when examination has not been done. Attitudes towards each case were examined using anonymous questionnaire with six questions regarding propriety and justifiability of procedures, penalty, students' willingness to perform similar procedure, admittance of doing it, and awareness of existence of similar cases in their community. CONCLUSIONS. Findings revealed disturbing data. Although plagiarism cases were considered inappropriate by majority (67-90%, depending on the case), quarter to half of students find them justified. Majority of students (65%) find case of self-plagiarism appropriate and deserving no penalty (79%). Quarter of students find case of cheating appropriate and half of them thought that it was justified and deserved no penalty. Writing physicians' finding "examination-normal" when it has not been done, was considered inappropriate by 83% of students, but 48% of them would exceptionally do it. Most of students in all cases declared that they did not perform similar procedures, mainly because they were not in position to do that or they thought it was unacceptable half of them would do that all, although exceptionally, but anyway. Only few of them (<10% overall) admitted that they would not do it because of penalty. However, results of research on prevalence of plagiarism among same students (Croat Med J 2005 ; 46:126-31) revealed that 90% of them plagiarized to some extent in their essays when there was no penalty threat. Discrepancy between attitudes and behavior implies that some answers were given as socially desirable and that medical students need clear guidelines and further education on academic and scientific integrity.
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Projekt / tema: 0062044
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