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Autori: Prot, Franjo; Bosnar, Ksenija
Naslov: Laent structure of sport interests in male adultst
Izvornik: The role of Physical Education and Sport in Promoting Physical Activity and Health / Heikinaro-Johansson, Pilvikki (ur.). - Jyvaskila : AIESEP , 2006. 326.
Skup: AIESEP World Congress
Mjesto i datum: Jyvaskila, Finska, 05-08.07.2006.
Ključne riječi: sport interests; police officers
The study of structure of sport interests was done on the sample of 303 male police officers old 24 to 54 years. The measurement took part at the education center at the occasions when officers attended obligatory lectures. The subjects were given questionnaire consisting of the list of 25 sports available to participate. They were asked to evaluate on the five-point scale their interest in each sport. Latent structure of sport preferences was established by component analysis with promax transformation of principle axes. The PB criterion of factor extraction was used resulting in two factor solution. First promax factor is in the first place defined by all combat sports, where taekwondo, karate and wrestling have highest values in pattern and structure matrices. Body-building, shooting, moto-sport and mountaineering also define first factor, but with not so high values as combat sports. Second factor is defined by team sports and tennis, table tennis, bowling, bowls and skiing. The correlation of two factors is moderate r=0.368. The first factor can be interpreted as experience specific, representing skils required in professional activities of subjects. The second factor can be recognised as factor of recreative activities. Results indicate that sport interests are not only gender and age specific, but can also be specific regarding different professional experience.
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Izvorni jezik: ENG
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