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Authors: Prijić - Samaržija, Snježana; Baccarini, Elvio
Title: Georges Rey's Philosophy u Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol.V, No. 15
Source: da
Type: urednica tematskog broja časopisa
Year: 2005
Keywords: Georges Rey; philosophy of mind; philosophy of language; a priory knowledge; consciousness; philosophy of religion; meta-atheism
The articles dedicated to Georges Rey's philosophy (embraced in this issue of Croatian Journal of Philosophy) derive from George Rey's Symposium held at the Rijeka conference Rationality of Belief and Action in May 2004. For the sake of this publication, Georges Rey presented the overview of his fruitful philosophical work in the article "Mind, Intentionality and Inexistence” and kindly comments the articles of other philosophers on topics of philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and philosophy of religion.
Project / theme: 0009007
Original language: ENG
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