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Autori: Bonacin, Dobromir; Katić, Ratko; Srhoj, Vatromir
Naslov: Factor identification of the actual mechanisms of specific movement regulation
( Factor identification of the actual mechanisms of specific movement regulation )
Izvornik: III international scientific conference - kinesiology - new perspectives / Milanović, Dragan ; Prot, Franjo (ur.). - Zagreb : Faculty of kinesiology - University of Zagreb , 2002. 269-271.
Skup: III international scientific conference -kinesiology - new perspectives. Proceedings book
Mjesto i datum: Opatija, Hrvatska, 25.-29.09.2002.
Ključne riječi: factors; identificatio; movement mechanisms
( factors; identificatio; movement mechanisms )
When a sample is described by means of the avriables from two or more virtually different spaces (morphological, motor, cognitive and particularly the specific space) the appearance of redundant pieces of information is possible in everyday situations. These situations may be resolved by means of multifactorial experimens, multiple analyses of covariance, canonical models and the like. However, there will always be some dilemmas as regards the actual existence of higher mechanisms that are responsible for manifestations in these virtual subspaces. A simple model was, therefore, suggested that is based on the factorisation of each individual subspace, and consequently on the factor analysis of latent dimensions obtained in this way. On a sample of 155 young female athletes measured by 13 morphological, 13 motor and 15 handball-specific variables, it was found that the suggested model revealed a high degree of redundancy of the motor set, the first out of the three specific factors.
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