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Autori: Pokrajac-Bulian, Alessandra; Ambrosi-Randić, Neala
Naslov: The role of teasing and social pressure in development of body dissatisfaction and disturbed eating habits
Izvornik: Books of Abstracts
Skup: 36th Congress of the EABCT
Mjesto i datum: Paris, France, 20-23. 09. 2006.
Ključne riječi: teasing; body dissatisfaction; eating behavior; girls
Two hundred twenty nine schoolgirls in Grades 5, 8 and 11 took part in this study in order to explore the relationships between teasing, social pressure to be thin, body dissatisfaction and eating behavior. Participants completed Physical Appearance Related Teasing Scale, Contour Drawing Rating Scale, Eating Attitudes Test and some questions exploring social pressures for slenderness by family and peers. Older girls were significantly more teased, dissatisfied with their body, and reported more eating problems than the younger ones. Results indicated that for younger girls (Grade 5) only parental pressure was significant predictor of body dissatisfaction ; whereas for older girls (Grades 8 and 11) teasing and peer pressure were significant predictors of body dissatisfaction. Our results confirm the existence of cumulative developmental changes regarding social pressures in adolescence. These changes may increase the probability of subclinical eating disturbances. The results suggest that preventive intervention targeted at younger girls may be appropriate in order to reduce the contribution of teasing and social pressure to be thin in development of body dissatisfaction and eating problems. Implications for cognitive-behavioral intervention in prevention and treatment of eating problem behaviors are discussed.
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