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Autori: Jurkin, Marina; Ćubela Adorić, Vera
Naslov: Still looking for the first job: depression and life satisfaction in the long-term unemployed people without previous working experience
Izvornik: Mapping of Psychological Knowledge for Society / Kotrlova, Jindriska (ur.). - Prag : Union of Psychological Associations of the Czech Republic (UPA) , 2007. .
Skup: X. European Congress of Psychology
Mjesto i datum: Prag, Češka, (3-6.07.2007.)
Ključne riječi: Long-Term Unemployment; Life Satisfaction; Depression
This study was aimed to explore the impact of the relatively high rate of the long-term unemployment on the mental health and subjective well-being of young adults in Croatia. It was hypothesized that the prolonged jobless spell during early adult years would present a serious threat to the occupational identity development and result in a reduced life quality and increased symptoms of depression. Half of the sample consisted of 200 young adults who had been unemployed for 8.5 years on average (SD=4.02) ; the other half of consisted of 200 employed individuals that were matched to the unemployed group on gender, education, and marital status. Both groups completed a questionnaire containing measures of depression and subjective quality of life. The results showed that, compared to the group of employed, the unemployed participants were more depressive and less satisfied with a variety of life domains. The negative psychological impact of long-term unemployment was the most pronounced in male participants, which might be due to a relatively higher importance of the occupational identity for men than for women.
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