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Autori: Kotrla Topić, Marina; Šakić, Marija
Naslov: Perception of school climate, frequency of school misconduct and out-of school time in students with and without specific learning disabilities
Izvornik: Neurologia Croatica / Ivkić, Goran ; Judaš, Miloš ; Klarica, Marijan ; Kostović, Ivica ; Šimić, Goran ; Petanjek, Zdravko (ur.). - Zagreb :
Skup: The Second Croatian Congress of Neuroscience
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 18-19.05.2007.
Ključne riječi: specific learning disabilities
Introduction: The aim of this study was to explore whether elementary school students with learning disabilities (LD) differ form their peers without LD in their perception of school climate and support they receive form their teachers, frequency of various forms of school misconduct, and in how they spend their out-of-school time. The term LD is used to describe a heterogeneous group of disabled learners who experience impairments in language comprehension and use, speech, writing, reading and computation. LD impact various aspects of school experience, so besides difficulties regarding acquisition of knowledge and school achievement, these students face various problems in school setting, which in turn may affect their achievement. The existing research shows that when compared to peers without LD, youth with LD report lower perceptions of support from their peers, family, and teachers (Martinez, 2006). Furthermore, some studies show that students with LD are involved in more incidents of serious misconduct than students without LD (GAO Report 01-210). Besides causing problems in school setting, LD may affect the out-of-school life of these students. Research in this area is scarce, although it has been shown that students with LD are more likely than other students to have problems doing homework (Bryan, Burstein, & Bryan, 2001). Subjects and Methods: The data presented in this research are part of a larger study of education and schooling in Croatia. For the purposes of this study, 136 students with LD and a comparison group of 136 students without LD, matched according to gender, age and level of urbanization of their place of schooling were selected form a larger sample. Scales measuring perception of school climate and support from teachers, self-reported frequency of milder (i.e. behaviours indicating a lack of attention during school classes) and more severe (i.e. cheating on homework and tests, cutting classes or missing school, being sent to the principal’ s or counsellor’ s office for misbehaviour) forms of school misconduct, and the amount of time students spend in different after-school activities (e.g. studying and doing homework, attending additional tutoring classes, helping their parents with chores, watching television, resting and spending time with friends, or participating in organized activities not related to school) were selected from a larger questionnaire. Results: We conducted a series of one-way ANOVAs to compare students with and without LD on the measures of perception of school climate and support from teachers, self-reported frequency of school misconduct and out-of-school activities, while controlling for the effects of age. Our results reveal higher frequency of more severe forms of school misconduct in students with LD, while milder forms of misconduct are more frequent in students without LD. In addition, students with LD spend more of their out-of-school time in activities related to school, as well as participating in chores and watching television. Conclusion: Both students with and without LD perceive that the school climate in their schools is mostly positive, and that their teachers mostly support them. However, these students differ with regard to frequency of milder and more severe forms of school misconduct, as well as after-school time spent in various school related and leisure activities.
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Projekt / tema: 194-1941558-1527, 194-1941558-1530
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Upisao u CROSBI: Marija Šakić (, 15. Sij. 2008. u 13:46 sati

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