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Autori: Logar, Rosa; Ajduković, Marina
Naslov: Mandatory treatment program for women violent in intimate relationship – gender equality or gender injustice?
Izvornik: 10th European Conference on Traumatic Stress "Truth and trust after trauma" - Book of Abstracts
Skup: 10th European Conference on Traumatic Stress "Truth and trust after trauma"
Mjesto i datum: Opatija, Hrvatska, 05-09.06.2007.
Ključne riječi: women violence; gender equality; gender injustice
CONTRA - Gender injustice: Increased reliance on pro-arrest policies for domestic violence results in criminalizing women's use of self-defensive actions in abusive situations because the women victims of domestic violence are falsely identified as offender. The context and nature of women's violence is qualitatively different from the male batterers' use of violence. Contrary to men, women do not typically use violence to exert power or control over partners. The women violence is due to frustration over an enduring abusive relationship or self- defensive actions against violent current or former male partner. The research results also showed that women are more often arrested when seen by police as stepping out of traditional gender role. The crucial problem is inability or unwillingness of police and law enforcement system to distinguish between primary aggressors and taking self- defensive actions in intimate relationship. As a matter of fact, men are using the criminal justice system as an another tool to manipulate women. Therefore there are no need to mandatory treatment program for women violent in relationship. Advocacy programs should be offered to all domestic violence female victims even if they are convicted of violent crimes. PRO - Gender equality: The female offender's program offers a win- win situation. Evaluation of treatment programs for women violent in personal relationship showed that they are satisfied with a program and that the program help them to cope better with daily stress and to increase own safety. In such program they receive lot f helpful information. If in the specific cases of women initiators of domestic violence the gender would be reversed, it would be hard to excuse the men's use of violence under the same circumstances. Therefore the mandatory treatment program for women violent in relationship is chance for women to take responsibility for their own action and, if they are secondary aggressors, to increase their own safety. Equal treatment for the same offends in the juridical system is basic human right. As in male batters program the focus is not on history and cause of violent behavior but taking responsibility over own behavior the same should be for women violent in intimate relationship.
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Projekt / tema: 066-0661686-1431
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Upisao u CROSBI: (, 27. Tra. 2008. u 09:56 sati

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