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Autori: Projić, Petar; Škaro, Vedrana; Šamija, Ivana; Primorac, Dragan; Marjanović, Damir
Naslov: Occurrence of off-ladder allelic variant in paternity testing - case study
Izvornik: 5th ISABS Conference in Forensic Genetics and Molecular Anthropology, final program and abstractsZagreb :
Skup: 5th ISABS Conference in Forensic Genetics and Molecular Anthropology
Mjesto i datum: Split, Hrvatska, 03-07. 09. 2007.
Ključne riječi: DNA typing; paternity test; STR loci; rare allelic variant; Croatian population
The latest scientific breakthroughs in the field of molecular biology, as well as its joint treatment with newest population-genetic findings and technological improvement, made disputed paternity testing by applying DNA expertise, more suitable for wider public usage. Very important part in this process is to perform simple and precise way of final results presentation. During the official education for performing paternity caseworks, an inconsistency affecting segregation of allele was encountered in three paternity cases, detected as an off-ladder allelic variant (located between D16S539 and D2S1338 loci). Buccal swab from voluntary donors was used as the DNA source. The Qiagen DnaeasyTM Tissue Kit was employed for DNA extraction. The DNA samples were amplified at 15 STR loci using an AmpFlSTR® ; Identifiler® ; (ABI, Foster City, CA). The PCR amplification has been done in PE Gene Amp PCR System Thermal Cycler (ABI, Foster City, CA). The amplified products were separated by capillary electrophoresis using an ABI Prism 3130 Genetic Analyzer (ABI, Foster City, CA). Raw data were analyzed drawing on the ABI PRISM® ; Data Collection Software v3.0 and GeneMapperTM ID Software v3.1 to obtain numerical allele designations of the profiles. A rare, off-ladder allelic variant has been noticed on approximate position 298, 30 bp in D2S1338 locus. In each of three paternity cases, the novel D2S1338 allele segregated from one of the parent to, at least, one of the children. If this allelic variant has been accidentally ignored, results for this locus would be misinterpreted. These cases indicated the possible existence of an additional D2S1338 allele, a previously unreported in Croatian population studies. Before the final conclusion about this item, we are planning, in the nearest future, to perform suitable additional monoplex analysis.
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Projekt / tema: 309-1300855-2738
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Upisao u CROSBI: (, 9. Svi. 2008. u 13:10 sati

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