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Authors: Aparac-Jelusic, Tatjana; Audunson, Ragnar; Lepik, Aira; Gregory, Ursula
Title: The Internationalization of Library Education
Source: ALA ProceedingsChicago : ALA , 2007. -.
Meeting: ALA Annuala Conference
Location and date: Washington, DC, SAD, 18-27. 06. 2007.
Keywords: Librarianship ; International Cooperation ; Education
Representatives of four European countries present current and future trends in library education, focusing on advances called for by the Bologna Process. They will address issues of importance to ALA members, such as the training of new generations of library professionals. Participants will give a brief overview of developments in their countries and the development of a joint European curriculum that will enable professional mobility among the countries of an increasingly unified Europe.
Type of meeting: Pozvano
Type of presentation in a journal: Abstract
Type of peer-review: No peer-review
Project / theme: 269-2691220-1018
Original language: ENG
Category: Ostalo
Research fields:
Information and communication sciences
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