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Autori: Vranić, Andrea; Hromatko, Ivana
Naslov: Content-specific activational effects of estrogen on working memory performance
Izvornik: The Journal of General Psychology (0022-1309) 135 (2008), 3; 323-336
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: working memory; estrogen; activational effects; content-specificity
This study aimed at exploring the influence of the task content and the menstrual cycle phase on working memory (WM) performance. The content-specificity of WM was addressed within the framework of evolutionary psychology, proposing a hormone-mediated adaptive design governing face perception. Two groups of healthy young women (n=66 regular menstrual cycle, and n=27 on oral contraceptives users) were tested on a WM task with adult male or infant face photographs. ANOVA showed significant interaction between task content and estrogen level: women were more efficient in solving the male faces task during high- compared to low-estrogen phase of the cycle. No differences were found in the efficacy of solving the infant faces task between different phases of the cycle. Results suggest content-specific activational effects of estrogen on the WM performance and are consistent with the notion of a hormonal mechanism underlying adaptive shifts in cognition related to the mating motivation.
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