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Urednik/ci: Prskalo, Ivan ; Strel, Janko ; Findak, Vladimir
Naslov: Conference proceedings of The First Special Focus Symposium on Kinesiological Education in Pre School and Primary Education ; Zadar, Croatia, October 25th to 27th, 2007
Vrsta knjige: zbornik
Formalni urednik/ci: Šimović, Vladimir
Izdavač: The European Center for Advancedand Systematic Research
Grad: Zagreb
Godina: 2008
Stranica: 143
ISBN: 978-953-99326-7-9
Ključne riječi: physical education; pre school; primary education
Physical education, due to its significance for coherent development of anthropological characteristics of children, is unique in its possibilities and characteristics. The aim is to establish a system of monitoring anthropological characteristics, motor knowledge and achievement and educational variables essential for planning the work in the field of kinesiological education of preschool children and children in lower grades of elementary education. Testing will cover the correlation of the difference between morphological characteristics, motor and functional abilities, level of motor knowledge and achievement and educational variables, attitudes and interests on one hand and parents’ attitudes, age, sex and characteristics of a particular geographical area on the other. In addition to that, the attitude of parents and kindergarten and school teachers is important for the assessment of the process of education. These preconditions for optimization of kinesiological education in preschool and primary education are important. Since the controlled process of exercise is a complex process which comprises all the elements of dynamic relation of the system controlling and the system being controlled, referring to procedures of planning, programming, implementing and controlling the effects of a specific exercise process and the tasks stemming from the set aim are directed into several directions. The tasks are directed towards defining the anthropological status, level of motor knowledge and achievement, educational variables, primarily interests and attitudes about physical exercise among preschool children and children in lower grades of elementary education, and in accordance, the established limitation factors, setting the appropriate aim for each age group expressed as a set of norms or criteria variables. Furthermore, it is important to obtain information about syllabi and its effect on children in the aimed age groups, exercise modes, organization and the control of the exercise effects. These findings will directly be applied in working with pre school children and children in lower grades of elementary education, and in addition will be valuable pieces of knowledge to teacher trainees. The established norms of morphological characteristics, motor and functional skills have not existed in preschool education to date, and the ones applied in the lower grades of primary education have last been updated in 1996. If we take into consideration the expected acceleration, actualization and re-evaluation of this really valuable system of evaluation is vital. The dynamics of changes in the morphological, motor and functional area and their correlation with the age and conditions of a specific region are of paramount value to the educational practice. Furthermore, the need to verify the model of motor knowledge which has already been used in class teaching within the system of Croatian National Educational Standard, and the establishing of such a model for preschool education is a necessity. It is significant to point out the systematic application of organizational forms of work and appropriate choice of work modalities. Attitudes of children, parents, and class and kindergarten teachers towards physical education will be used to evaluate the educational process. This knowledge will directly be applied in the work with preschool children and children in lower grades of primary education and moreover, it will be a valuable source of knowledge for teacher trainees. "The Symposium is part scientific project (Kinesiological education in pre school and primary education), executed with support of Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia."
Projekt / tema: 227-2271694-1696
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstvena
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Upisao u CROSBI: (, 7. Srp. 2008. u 19:51 sati

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