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Autori: Bošnjak, Hrvojka; Pavelić, Krešimir; Kraljević Pavelić, Sandra
Naslov: Towards preventive medicine
Izvornik: EMBO reports (1469-221X) 9 (2008), 11; 1056-1060
Vrsta rada: uvodnik
Ključne riječi: high-throughput methods ; preventive medicine
If successfully developed in the near future, high-throughput methods will play an important role in daily clinical practice, be it diagnostics, therapy or prognostics. Presently, however, these techniques are still awaiting improvements which would overcome their limitations. The limitations in monitoring protein levels variations, post-translational modifications or protein-protein interactions are the first expected to be innovatively solved. At last but not least, huge amounts of information obtained by these global high-throughput methods still wait for an appropriate interpretation. Therefore, new bioinformatics methods and tools or even completely new approaches should be developed in order to obtain adequate and reliable data analysis. Although some of these new methods are already being introduced clinically mostly as diagnostic procedures in some US academic centers, the prospective validation is expected to be achieved only in 5 to 10 years. In that regard, some technical issues, including procuring and processing samples and ensuring quality control, have to be readily resolved.
Projekt / tema: 098-0982464-2393, 14V09809, Zaklada HAZU
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