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Autori: Mimica, Ninoslav; Dajčić, Mira; Šimić, Goran; Mladinov, Mihovil; Glamuzina, Krasanka; Novy-Radonić, Erna; Trešćec- Ivičić, Morana; Vidas-Kaćanski, Ankica
Naslov: Alzheimer Disease Societies Croatia - What we have done since the last congress
Izvornik: Abstracts of the 4th Croatian Congress on Alzheimer's disease with international participation ; u: Neurologia Croatica 57 (2008) (S4) / Šimić, Goran ; Mimica, Ninoslav ; Petravić, Damir (ur.). - Zagreb : Denona d.o.o. , 2008. 62-62.
ISSN: 1331-5196
Skup: Croatian Congress on Alzheimer's disease with international participation (4 ; 2008)
Mjesto i datum: Rovinj, Otok sv. Andrije, Hrvatska, 08.-11.10.2008.
Ključne riječi: Alzheimer's disease; dementia; families; help; media; society
In this summary we present the major activities of Alzheimer Disease Societies Croatia (ADSC) in the last two years. Nevertheless, our main goals for the future remained the same: we want to help people with dementia (PWD), their families and care-givers, we fight stigma, and bring education to target and general population. Since we still don’ t have paid staff, the whole work is done by volunteers. In our Counseling centre we have monthly meetings for families of PWD and all others interested. The ADSC has reprinted two booklets in large number and we distributed them for free in public places. Prominent members of ADSC have spoken many times to media (TV, radio, newspapers) and we organized numerous lectures, participated at various meetings, conferences and congresses, with the single aim to raise awareness on dementia. We also applied for numerous projects related to dementia. The ADSC applied to host the Alzheimer’ s Disease International Conference in 2010, but the final decision was done in favor of Greece. Last year we celebrated the World Alzheimer’ s day (September 21st) on "Cvjetni trg" - one of most popular squares in Zagreb. We also organized the humanitarian public happening called "Summer evenings on Zrinjevac". Our web-site ( is rebuilded and number of visitors is growing. Through our help-line (091 569 16 60) we are receiving increasing number of calls every day and we regularly reply to email letters coming through our e-mail address
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