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Autori: Brozović, Maja; Pibernik, Jesenka; Banić, Dubravko
Naslov: Quality of Color Lightness Reproductions
Izvornik: Journal of Imaging Science and Technology (1062-3701) 52 (2008), 6; 060507-1-060507-8
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: color reproduction ; brightness ; lightness ; printing ; screening
The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is any correlation between subjective and objective artwork reproductions assessment when using different printing technologies. The investigations are based on reproductions of works of art, which belong to the traditional tonal system of visual representation, characterized by the brightness range of the dominant hue from a certain part of the spectrum. This system appeared in the period of the late Renaissance. Today it is often used for expressing volume in graphic media. As a method for assessing the quality of the reproductions, instrumental measurement and visual evaluation were used. The visual study included formal/methodological characteristics of the artwork. Based on the results, a correlation between objective and subjective approaches has been shown. The results demonstrate that the best quality of color lightness is produced with conventional offset printing and an amplitude modulation screen. These results can be applied in the reproduction of images employing this tonal system of visual representation
Projekt / tema: 128-1281955-1951, 128-1281955-1962, 128-1281955-1960
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