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Autori: Špelić, Aldo; Tatković, Nevenka
Naslov: Parenting style and the socialization of children in classroom enviroment
Izvornik: Scientia paedagogica experimentalis (0582-2351) XL (2003), 1; 65-86
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: parenting style; socialization; child psychology
In this study with fourth grade elementary school students (N=110) from a school in Croatia the relationship between parenting style and the social status of the children in the formal setting of the classroom, and their interest and independence in learning activities is focused upon. The investigation makes use of a parental bonding instrument, and an inventory of family feelings to measure the former ; it uses a socio-metric test and an assessment scale to he fined out by the teachers to measure the latter. It was demonstrated that parenting styles expressed through the dimensions of care-rejection and positive emotional relations significantly determine success in a child's socialization in their classroom environment. In analyzing the interpersonal relationship between the successful socialization of a child in their classroom environment and parenting style, it becomes clear that a mother's care, coupled with a father's emotional inclusion, extensively determine the success of a child's socialization in the classroom. Regarding the activity of the children at school, it may he concluded' that these aspects of parenting style have a positive influence on the development of a child's independence and degree of interest, as it pertains to their level of activity in the classroom. Analysis of parenting style points out that emotional inclusion of both parents is significant for both of these characteristics, as is the degree of mother's care, while the aspect of a father's care is important in developing a high degree of interest in a child for school activities.
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Google Scholar: Parenting style and the socialization of children in classroom enviroment
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