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Autori: Vizek Vidović, Vlasta
Naslov: Accountability, access, and affordability as key challenges in the reform of Croatian higher education
Izvornik: New Directions for Institutional Research Assessment Supplement 2008 (0271-0579) Assessment Supplement 2008 (2008); 5-23
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: higher education. Bologna process; accountability; affordability
Higher education in Croatia has experienced many significant changes since the introduction of the Bologna process nearly a decade ago. With efforts to harmonize higher education into the European Area of Higher Education have come many challenges related to access, affordability, and accountability. The Bologna Declaration outlines a basic framework for transforming higher education in Europe and has two main goals: to achieve grater compatibility and comparability of the systems of higher education to promote grater employability of higher education graduates in the European labor market, and achievement of international competitiveness and worldwide attractiveness of the European higher education system. Although a number of students enroll in tertiary education (somewhat similar to U.S. technical college), a smaller proportion entered higher education (somewhat similar to U.S. four-year baccalaureate college), but the number continues to increase each year. Historically, government funds supported all or nearly all of the higher education student’ s tuition ; however, as more students choose to enroll, tuitions are rising and generally students are being required to fund a portion of their costs. Although accountability in Croatian higher education is not currently addressed directly, it is being addressed indirectly through related concepts such as competence-based curriculum, social responsibility, and quality assurance. In addition, efforts such as the Tuning Project are especially important for accountability. Indeed there are challenges, but also bright future ahead for higher education in Croatia.
Projekt / tema: 100-1001677-0880
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Google Scholar: Accountability, access, and affordability as key challenges in the reform of Croatian higher education
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