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Autori: Tudor, Milna; Bašić, Zoran; Havranek, Jasmina; Volarić, Vera
Naslov: Milk as a basis of a healthy diet for schoolchildren
( Milk as a basis of a healthy diet for schoolchildren )
Izvornik: International healthy cities conference : Book of abstracts
Skup: International healthy cities conference
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 15.-18.10.2008.
Ključne riječi: milk; dairy products; school; children
( milk; dairy products; school; children )
Although it is well known that proper meal provides children with the best physical and psychological growth and development, today it is not rare that children go to school without eating breakfast at home. Children make their dietary habits by imitation of customs and knowledge from their family. But, also schools have a big impact on their dietary habits. That is the main reason why in promotion of healthy diet, based on scientific and professional datas, need to be involved both families and appropriate institutions. All these facts inspired Croatian Dairy Union with its members to start a project with a main goal to increase general knowledge about healthy diet with emphasis on childrens diet containing milk and dairy products as naturally nutrient-dense food. The project was started 8 years ago by celebrating World milk day and World milk school day in cooperation with media, organizing milk parties for children and handing out leaflets, brochures and posters at public places. The continuouing health benefits of milk and dairy products is promoted through holding scientific and popular presentations, seminars and lectures at Health and Science festivals, symposiums and in schools. In May 2008 Milk day was organised in schools with an emphasis on the importance of introducing milk meals in high schools which don’ t have organised meals like elementary schools and kindergartens. In March 2008. the Croatian dairy union with the support of Ministry of Health started to publish journal named “ Milk and me” as a popular paper with 4 publications annualy. Well accepted by the public, in an easy and understandable way it talks about importance of dairy products in childrens daily diet. One of the biggest result was achieved in 2007 in cooperation with the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports, by ensuring each school child in Zagreb drink glass of milk every day. Introducing milk and dairy products as food which supplies high concentrations of many essential nutrients will carry on throught Croatia.
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