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Urednik/ci: Prskalo, Ivan ; Findak, Vladimir ; Strel, Janko
Naslov: CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS The 2nd International Conference on Advances and Systems Research - 2nd Special Focus Symposium on Kinesiological Education – the answer of the contemporary school
Vrsta knjige: zbornik
Izdavač: Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb
Grad: Zagreb
Godina: 2009
Stranica: 143
ISBN: 978-953-7210-17-5
Ključne riječi: Kinesiological Education; contemporary school
Physical education, due to the significant role it plays in coherently developing anthropological characteristics of children, is unique in its possibilities and features. There are few activities for children that have such a significant influence on the quality of their lives as does physical education. Changes can be achieved through a strictly planned process of transformation of the anthropological status and motor achievements in the area of physical education. School and preschool institutions are invited to provide answers to modern life, which has a negative influence on children from their early age. This situation increases the responsibility of school and preschool institutions in seeking adequate answers. One starts from the assumption that the whole work has to be appropriate for the goal-oriented development of children characteristics which are aimed at developing and improving knowledge, skills and characteristics relevant for the progress of the specific age group of preschool and primary school pupils. The aim is to establish a system of monitoring anthropological characteristics, motor achievement and educational variables essential for planning work in the field of physical education of preschool children and children in lower grades of primary education. This knowledge will be directly applied to the physical education of preschool children and children in lower grades of primary school.
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