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Autori: Vizek Vidović, Vlasta; Domović, Vlatka
Naslov: Researching Teacher Education and Teacher Practice:the Croatian Perspective
Knjiga: Teacher Education Policy in Europe: A voice of higher Education Institutions
Urednik/ci: Hudson, Brian ; Zgaga, Pavel
Izdavač: Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Umea and Centre for Educational Policy Studies, university of Ljubljana
Grad: Umea
Godina: 2008
Raspon stranica:: 303-312
Ukupni broj stranica u knjizi:: 412
ISBN: 978-91-7264-600-1
Ključne riječi: teacher education, evidence – based teacher education, research on teacher education, research in teacher education, Bologna process
The aim of the paper is to outline the current developments in teacher education research in Croatia with the emphasis on the changes introduced by the implementation of Bologna process. Two aspects of teacher education research: research on and research in teacher education are explored using phenomenological approach. Research on teacher education has been grouped in three categories: policy oriented research, curriculum development and Bologna process monitoring studies, small - scale research conducted in specific settings such as university classrooms and practicing schools. Research in teacher education has been divided into four categories: research related to subject content knowledge, research related to educational sciences, interdisciplinary research connecting subject content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge (teaching methodologies), and evaluation research. For each category a short description of the state of art as well as the outlines of its strengths and weaknesses are given. In conclusion general recommendations for the strengthening of the area of teacher education research are offered.
Projekt / tema: 100-1001677-0880, 227-2271168-1700
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